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Using Cryptocurrencies in Sports Betting

Gambling and sports betting have been an ever-increasing industry. Betting industry has always involved high secrecy and due to this reason, cryptocurrencies have gain popularity in the sports betting industry.

It becomes very difficult to trace the transactions made through the cryptocurrencies using the blockchain technology which gives the users complete anonymity making it much more secure, private and safer. Also, 100% transparency can be maintained while using the cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of using Cryptocurrencies in the Sports Betting

  1. Fast Transactions and authentication

The main advantage of using cryptocurrencies is the feature of quick withdrawal when selecting an online sportsbook site. The practice and trend of paying a withdrawal fee to the bookies is also eliminated using cryptocurrencies.

This makes the process of withdrawing the profits easily, quickly and efficiently to the digital wallet of the user. The process of transferring funds to offshore bookies have not only become secure and simple but also quick without any chances of frauds and thefts.

  1. 2FA Process

The 2FA process is the two-step verification process which gives a second layer of security to all the cryptocurrencies transactions. The first level of security is the sign-in process using the username and password and the second layer is the authentication of the device or phone used by the user. This gives a higher level of security to the transactions and lesser chances of hacks and frauds by the hackers.

  1. Higher Bonus

Although traditional bookies offered money bonus and other lucrative offers to attract people for sports betting, cryptocurrencies online betting takes the bonuses to an even higher level and pay much higher bonuses than their traditional counterparts.

  1. Privacy and Anonymity

Blockchain technology leaves behind no trail of the transactions done which gives the wagers a high level of privacy and it keeps their banking details safe.

The traditional sports betting industry is plagued with corruption, frauds, and thefts. Using the cryptocurrencies does not only makes the wagers anonymous but also reduces the corruption by maintaining 100% transparency level. It also enables universal betting, eliminating the hassle of transferring money in different currencies.

Cryptocurrencies use the blockchain technology which gives the high level of security and anonymity to the gamblers, which they desire. The transaction time is very quick and the users can bet in multiple digital currencies.


What is 3commas in the crypto market?

With so many cryptocurrencies across so many different exchanges, it has become difficult to keep track of all the rates, and crypto on different platforms. It is important to manage your crypto portfolio effectively and trade efficiently or else you will end up losing your hard-earned profits. 3commas is one such application which gives a trader the right to control over their bitcoins and cryptocurrency to gain maximum trading profits by making the right decisions at the right time like obanc.

Working of 3commas

3commas has a simple registration process that requires your email id. The user-interface is very easy and simple to understand even for new crypto traders. On logging into the page, the dashboard tells you about the latest prices, your total balances and other features like Smart Sell, Smart Trade, Connect to exchange and Analyse a portfolio.

Features of 3commas

The trade experience is improved using Smart Trading technology by 3commas.io. Some of the main features of this approach are as follows:

  1. Real-time notifications about the status of your order

The trader can enable the notifications in the settings menu and get real-time notifications regarding the prices, balances and latest crypto news on their mobile, in emails and even in a  browser. The notifications can also be customised according to the wants of the trader.

  1. Features of Stop-loss and take-profit like the stock market.

Stop-loss and take-profit features like the contemporary stock market are available in 3commas so that you do not have to suffer high losses and you get the best profits out of your trading transactions. The main advantage is that it will not create fake sell/buy calls and only the genuine calls will be generated via the 3commas detection bot.

  1. Trading on all different platforms using a single platform i.e. 3commas.

Five exchanges are supported by 3ommas. You can use any of these 5 exchanges namely Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex to do your cryptocurrency transactions. You can control and manage all your transactions using a single window system.

Apart from these advanced features, 3commas also limits the loss and traces the real-time market changes by giving you the enhanced feature of the trailing mechanism. It also has Traders portfolio management, Summary of all the trading statistics and Notes for all the orders.


Using Bitcoin to Travel the World

If you are someone who loves to travel and are quite interested in knowing if cryptocurrencies can help you do that; this article is the answer. There are people who used bitcoin to travel the world and now you can too! Here’s a story of a crypto nomad, Felix Weis, who used bitcoins to travel the world.

Felix Weis, a 30-year old living in Berlin, started his travelling journey using ONLY Bitcoins on January 2015; he has travelled across 27 countries and 50 cities since then.

Below are the 3 rules he adhered to:

  1. No Banks
  2. Use Bitcoin first
  3. Cash only in exchange of Bitcoins


He transferred all of his savings in bitcoins (which he personally advises against in hindsight now) and started his journey. He covered technically advanced countries like Japan, and some countries like Cuba too, which lacked a high-speed internet and was a headache for crypto travelling.

Before travelling to a particular country, he planned for at least a day. He knew exactly where to buy stuff with BitCoin, where to find other bitcoiners, how to get some cash and the other things, but still had a lot of uncertainties which couldn’t be covered and changed from country to country. All of his destinations had a business listed on Coinmap or LocalBitcoins and had some connection to bitcoin community.

His first stop was Prague where he bought Trezor, a hardware device built by SatoshiLabs, to safeguard all his newly bought bitcoins. Also, he covered basics like eating out, lodging and flights using Bitcoins.


To summarise his learnings from the whole bitcoin travel he listed out following to do’s :

  • Store your Bitcoins in hardware wallet like Trezor and create a backup of your private keys
  • Have a smartphone for your daily expenditures by using apps like Coinbase, Copay, etc.
  • List down the businesses which accept Bitcoin like CheapAir, Expedia, CoinMap for things like flights, hotel, eating
  • Network with local BitCoiners
  • Research before you visit a place

And last but not the least always Expect the unexpected and keep a calm head.

Is Bitcoin Undervalued?

If you are following the cryptocurrency market closely, you might agree that Bitcoin has become a rage again and the way it is sustaining its price increase in recent weeks, it shows that cryptocurrency is not going anywhere and a majority of people out there in financial streets believe that cryptocurrency is actually undervalued.


Generally, the way it happens with any stocks in the market, the price increase of Bitcoin and media coverage actually made people talk and started the debate of its rise and fall. Interestingly, a look at the Wall Street Journal survey will let you know that a surprising figure of 96% economists believe that Bitcoin is nothing more than a bubble which is ready to burst.


Talking about the other side of the story, you can safely say that the record price increase in Bitcoin in such a short term did not come from nowhere. With strong fundamentals, the financial and technical enhancements contributed as an anchor for Bitcoin’s future.


In its favour, Bitcoin officially activated Segregated Witness(SegWit) which will assist in increasing the speed of Bitcoin transactions. SegWit achieves this removing some signature data from the transactions which ultimately frees up the space to accommodate more transactions to the blockchain. If this was not sufficient, Bitcoin soon saw drastic improvements to the ‘Lightning Network’. Lighting Network actually helps bitcoin to handle large volume of transactions in a matter of seconds while at the same time keeps the transaction fee as low as possible. This is generally used for a huge volume of smaller transactions.


Another way of looking at it is, whereas the Bitcoin network tackles the processing of large transactions, the lighting network takes care of micro transactions. Lightning Network in fact offers other advantages as well.

For example, privacy. The network waits till the payment channel is closed to post the actual encrypted transactions on the Blockchain, resulting in the increases of Bitcoin’s scalability. Though arguable by some, Lighting Network’s other advantage is the low fee. Some experts believe that though it could be a good thing at present, it doesn’t look good at all for Bitcoin’s future.


How to use Bitcoins to celebrate a Birthday


Birthday is that momentous occasion which reminds you the beginning of your life. Birthday is the day on which everyone is thankful for what they have in their life and what they have achieved. It is much more than a time to receive gifts.  It tells us to avoid the things that went wrong yesterday and gives us power to try again and again. Birthday is a chance of regeneration both mentally and also spiritually. Everyone wants to have family and friends to celebrate their birthday together.

The use of cryptocurrency is now going popular to celebrate ones birthday as everyone wants to avoid cash transactions in this digital era. Debit/credit cards charges high transaction money and are not safe but cryptocurrency is fraud free and charges minimal amount of money. Cryptocurrency is accepted by many countries and businesses in all over the world. There are many activities people can do to make birthdays memorable and meaningful by paying through cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Some of these activities include

  • Take them out for a party in a restaurant or resort
  • Book an adventure trip with family or friends
  • Book a beachside resort with family or friends
  • Plan a day trip to nearby places
  • Send flowers to the birthday person as birthday gift
  • Send a tasty and beautiful cake or an ice cream cake
  • Take them to a games junction for fun
  • Gift a beautiful dress to the birthday person
  • Gift a lavish Swiss watches to them
  • Gift a plant to increase their home greenery
  • Gift a cookies or chocolate hamper
  • Gift their favorite author book
  • Gift a spa coupons or vouchers
  • Gift them bitcoins as birthday gift

These are some of the options that people can consider to celebrate birthdays. It is a special day for someone and doing something special to them means a lot. A lovely and cheerful smile on the face of the birthday person is more important than any materialistic gift. Cryptocurrency is a manageable and easily accessible option for people who want to adapt to peer to peer protocol and can use bitcoin as money.

How to use cryptocurrency to travel


Travel and tourism is a huge industry as many people like to travel and are in search of good places and areas to explore and revive themselves. There are thousands of websites available online that provide facilities to book tickets for air travel, to book hotels or resorts or blogs that help to find out best restaurants, places and cities to explore. The introduction of the cryptocurrency is a great addition to the travel industry as most websites are online and paying online through bitcoin is an easy task. Moreover, many of these sites welcome payment using bitcoins.

For travelling with bitcoins you should have some practical knowledge of using it and information about places where you can use it. Some practical knowledge of using bitcoin include

  • A secure bitcoin wallet– A good bitcoin wallet should have multi signature technology, 2-factor authentication, email support, and 24/7 support to fulfill all client needs. It should also have it’s own app to install on smartphone.
  • A local bitcoin account– it is helpful in exchanging local currencies or selling bitcoins locally. Always perform all the transactions securely and avoid scammers. It is a good option for the people who wants to live in another country for a long period of time.
  • Paying with bitcoins– search for places, hotels or home accommodations with some online websites and pay them through bitcoins.
  • Always have a wirex card– wirex card is good when service provider do not accept bitcoins and it is helpful to pay in their local currency.
  • Book air-tickets and local transportation– many websites allows to pay through bitcoin on the booking of flights.
  • Purchasing of food and entertainment– always find places and entertainment zones that allow cryptocurrency and pay through bitcoin wallet.

A traveler always value speed and convenience which bitcoin provides by eliminating the problem of money exchange. There are many bitcoin travel websites that help in planning and booking of trips by using bitcoins. Many people are now using bitcoins to travel every day. There are many advantages in using bitcoins such as it is a virtual currency so no need to carry them, no need to exchange with local currency as bitcoins are internationally accepted and you can pay through them anytime, anywhere in the world in a few minutes.

4 reasons for your business to accept cryptocurrency


Everyone is getting involved with the cryptocurrency these days due to the increasing trend and enigma of it. It is important to understand why your business should accept cryptocurrency as payment. Here are the 4 important reasons that you must know:

  1. Advanced transactional security

The cryptocurrency payments have been supported on a blockchain platform with multiple levels of encryption to make sure that the funds are safe. This is the most beneficial feature as safety and security is the predominant thing when it comes to making transactions in a business. Also, another important feature that is provided is a quick real-time transaction which can happen in a few minutes that saves you a lot of time.

  1. Saves you a considerable amount of money

There is a lot of money spent on the processing of credit and debit cards for the transactions to take place. As the cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they don’t require any bank to carry out and verify the transaction. It is a very big advantage as it will help in saving a lot of fees that need to be incurred on every transaction that happens in a business in the long run. You can find out more about it on www.business.com

  1. Protection from fraud and theft

The main concern with the transactions that happen through wire transfers or credit and debit card is that they are highly prone to identity theft and fraud. But with the fraud happening every now and then due to advancement in the hacking business, business enterprises can suffer a great deal when such a fraud and hacking of client finances turn successful. With cryptocurrency, there is no such problem of any theft.

  1. The possibility of acquiring new customers

More and more people are learning and accepting cryptocurrency regarding investment solutions. While using cryptocurrency for business, your customers with become familiar with it and might even start using it. This can attract a wide range of customers and increase the chances for the growth of your business through purchases and follow-ups.

With all the given benefits and more, it is very crucial that you give the usage of cryptocurrency in your business for transactions and payment a viable thought.

4 ways to evaluate cryptocurrency before investment


Consumers are always excited about the new investment possibilities with cryptocurrency as it has taken the lead in the market these days. Every type of new cryptocurrency provides a wide range of opportunities for customers looking for investment options. In such a case it is very necessary to evaluate the cryptocurrency before making any considerable investment. Here are the 4 possible ways in which you can analyze a cryptocurrency:

  1. Looking into who is offering the cryptocurrency

Procuring information about the founding members of the particular crypto project along with an extensive research about the other types of projects that they would have undertaken in the past helps you get an insight about the future of the cryptocurrency. It will help you in assessing the potential that it withholds with the given project. This is a very crucial step to start with when you are planning for a hardcore investment in cryptocurrency.

  1. The activity of the development team

Constant activity of the development team is a sign that the team is striving to consistently work on the project and make it better than others through different strategies. Checking on how quickly and efficiently they have catered to certain issues can help you know the extent of activity maintained. Along with this, the size and experience of the team is also one factor that will help you analyzing its potential when it comes to making investments in the future.

  1. Knowing about the trading volume and liquidity

A higher trading volume is a sign of stability and low risk as it makes it easier to exit your position in the entire process of investment and transaction. It will make it possible for you to make sales and realize the gains that you have made. This is a very important factor to analyze when it comes to investment. Know more about it on www.strategiccoin.com

  1. Exchanges taking place

Taking a look at the exchanges that are happening is very beneficial as it can give you the information about the different cryptocurrencies entering the market. It can also help you in staying alert about the various scams. Investment in a cryptocurrency which is present in major exchanges can prove to be profitable.

Can Cryptocurrency Replace Fiat Money in the Future?


Since the dawn of cryptocurrencies, people have shown interest in this new form of money. Initially considered as a useless investment, each Bitcoin now cost over $6,500. It is pretty amazing that how an alternative form of money, which was first introduced in 2009, can get so expensive within a decade. The same thing applies to ETH, LItecoin, XMR, and other popular crypto assets. Yes these are digital assets, luring people from all across the globe to make a profitable investment. Experts believe that these cryptocurrencies can replace fiat in the future. Below are some of the key reasons behind those beliefs:

Growing interest in cryptocurrencies:

The cost of any product can increase pretty quickly if its demand increases and the supply is limited. That is what is happening with Bitcoin and that will happen with every popular crypto asset. These cryptocurrencies are available in limited quantities. Every individual wants to acquire some so that they can sell these crypto assets at a much higher price in the future.

People are now more inclined towards crypto assets and fiat seems less interesting because of the issues associated with it. Your identity is revealed when you make payments in fiat, hackers can steal your fiat money, but nothing like this would happen if you are using cryptocurrencies. That’s why people are now more interested in cryptocurrencies.

Businesses are accepting payments in cryptocurrencies:

Initially, nobody could have accepted payments in cryptocurrencies but things have changed now. A lot of retail outlets, online stores, casinos, restaurants, and other platforms are accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. It means now people have got options for spending their crypto assets and therefore they can buy more to spend more.

The best thing about crypto trading and cryptocurrency payments is that you can maintain complete anonymity while using your crypto assets. So, a lot of people find it more comfortable to deal in cryptocurrencies instead of spending their fiat money for buying products and services. It will eventually reduce the popularity of fiat money in the future because cryptocurrencies will be used for buying almost everything out there.

Signs that You Have Invested too Much in Your Crypto Portfolio


As with any market or type of investment, it can be highly tempting to invest large amounts of capital into cryptocurrency and the blockchain sector. After all, it is the future and we are bound to turn a profit, right?

Theoretically, this may be quite correct, the technology and the broadscale medium of crypto is certainly the future we are moving toward. In the future, there is every likelihood that the market overall will be trending in a vastly upward direction when compared with the present time. This does not however mean that every company you invest in within the sector will thrive. This is just simply not possible. Even within the most prosperous economies in the world, there are companies who fail every day.

Another point is, regardless of temptation, you should always adhere to the essential rules of crypto investing, or any type of investing, regardless of how you feel. This means, sticking to your budget.

Checking Your Holdings Constantly

This is a possible sign you have invested too much. Sure, in the early days, the novelty and curiosity will take over and that is perfectly fine. After time though, you should not feel the need to check your holdings all of the time and interfere with your daily life. If you feel this need then perhaps something needs to be tweaked.


Another telltale sign of over investing is your anxiety levels. This can usually point to one of two things, either you are too heavily invested and thus, always wanting to monitor the situation, or you just do not have a suitable personality to be a trader. This is common among many people and nothing at all to be ashamed of, but you should perhaps evaluate your position.

Shortage of Daily Cash flow

The clearest sign you have over-invested is if you find yourself suddenly cash-strapped in your day to day life. This should be something which you simply do not allow to happen and a situation which you should rectify with urgency if it occurs.


The cliché but true solution is: Only invest what you can afford to lose.