How to use Bitcoins to celebrate a Birthday


Birthday is that momentous occasion which reminds you the beginning of your life. Birthday is the day on which everyone is thankful for what they have in their life and what they have achieved. It is much more than a time to receive gifts.  It tells us to avoid the things that went wrong yesterday and gives us power to try again and again. Birthday is a chance of regeneration both mentally and also spiritually. Everyone wants to have family and friends to celebrate their birthday together.

The use of cryptocurrency is now going popular to celebrate ones birthday as everyone wants to avoid cash transactions in this digital era. Debit/credit cards charges high transaction money and are not safe but cryptocurrency is fraud free and charges minimal amount of money. Cryptocurrency is accepted by many countries and businesses in all over the world. There are many activities people can do to make birthdays memorable and meaningful by paying through cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Some of these activities include

  • Take them out for a party in a restaurant or resort
  • Book an adventure trip with family or friends
  • Book a beachside resort with family or friends
  • Plan a day trip to nearby places
  • Send flowers to the birthday person as birthday gift
  • Send a tasty and beautiful cake or an ice cream cake
  • Take them to a games junction for fun
  • Gift a beautiful dress to the birthday person
  • Gift a lavish Swiss watches to them
  • Gift a plant to increase their home greenery
  • Gift a cookies or chocolate hamper
  • Gift their favorite author book
  • Gift a spa coupons or vouchers
  • Gift them bitcoins as birthday gift

These are some of the options that people can consider to celebrate birthdays. It is a special day for someone and doing something special to them means a lot. A lovely and cheerful smile on the face of the birthday person is more important than any materialistic gift. Cryptocurrency is a manageable and easily accessible option for people who want to adapt to peer to peer protocol and can use bitcoin as money.