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Sometime before Santa Barbara began, Eden and Cruz spent some time in Africa.  What they were doing   there, or where in Africa they were is a mystery.



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Eden and Cruz pretend to have an affair to set a trap for Kirk Cranston. They "secretly" meet at the Capwell cabana.


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Eden and Cruz first meet each other in France in 1979. Eden's a student. Cruz works undercover as a gardener (Pepe) for Monsieur Emillion, the man Eden seems to be staying with while attending school.

La Mesa

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A Mexican restaurant that Eden and Cruz went to.LaMesa5

lymenprepEden and her siblings went to school there.

During Eden's time in Europe she takes a trip on the Orient-Express and runs into Cruz (again).
It's on that train where their relationship starts, and they spend their first night together. Eden somehow pushes herself into one of Cruz's projects (possibly an undercover job) and things fall apart between them and they go separate ways again. She also runs into her presumed dead mother Sophia on the train, but Marcello Armonti hypnotizes Eden and makes her forget about the incident.

Pebble Creek is a beautiful place a few hours away from Santa Barbara. Some would even say it's magical. It's also the place where Eden was conceived. On April 1st, 1988 Eden and Cruz get married in Pebble Creek. They spend their honeymoon there and take a journey back in time using a magical mirror. In 1990--after being apart for a while--they return to Pebble Creek to reunite.



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Cruz and Eden meet each other for the very first time at the stables somewhere in France.

A place on the beach that serves drinks and snacks. There is also a jukebox and a dance floor. Some very memorable Eden and Cruz scenes took place there.

A detective Agency that Cruz owned.