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Alter Boy

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ba1b7eb9b8ad142948e3b9dce300b4c6 LCruz was an Alter boy for 4 years, as a kid.


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 The name Adriana was given by Ric and Hollis Castillo after she was kidnapped.

Eden's old teddy bear. She got it from one of her father's business associates, Horace Underwood. She thought it would be appropriate to name the teddy after him, but she was still very little and her pronounciation a bit shaky, so it sounded like, "Horse Underwear".
Horace is now stashed in the attic at her father's house.

  The names of Cruz’s goldfish, the ones we never saw.


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Cruz's old teddy bear. He got him for Christmas when he was two years old.


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Cruz's undercover name in France.


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Their star.


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Eden's middle name. Cruz finds out on their first wedding attempt.