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Saturday, 03 August 2013 01:58

Episode 295 - Lobster part 5-6

Episode 295 - Lobster part 5-6

Part 5


Cruz: You know, I love being hand basted.

Eden: You'd make a wonderful Thanksgiving Day turkey. So tell me why'd you pick St. Michael's Island?

Cruz: The west side in fact because I know nobody could find us here.

Eden: Turn over, I'll baste the other side.

Cruz: Sure. Maybe you could work on my drumsticks.

Eden: You better be quiet or I'll work on your mouth. Umm...you wanna go for a swim later?

Cruz: I guess we could do that...on the other hand, we could pass.

Eden: Why? Do you have another suggestion?

Cruz: Yeah, maybe I could baste your drumsticks for a change.

Eden: They're still drying out from the lobster butter.

Cruz: I thought I got all that off you.

Eden: Seriously. You wanna take a swim or something later?

Cruz: I guess if you do.

Eden: Don't sound too enthused. If you have another suggestion then speak up...I mean, this is your holiday, too.

Cruz: Oh yeah? Well to be perfectly honest there is something else I'd preferred.

Eden: What's that?

Cruz: It's this.

Lobster part 6


Eden: No, no no.

Cruz: No no?

Eden: No, yes.

Cruz: Did you actually say no?

Eden: I'm hot and you're hot, so why don't we just cool off.

Cruz: That's like asking the sun to cool off.

Eden: Look, I don't wanna be here anymore, I'll gonna go for a swim.

Cruz: You're gonna get wet.

Eden: Are you just gonna lie there or are you gonna come with me? Come on, I figure we'd go for a swim or maybe swim to the beach and go on a little island exploring or something, what do you think?

Cruz: I think I'll probably drown. You see, I was envisioning being marooned on this deserted yacht with you for a couple of days, not a part of my plan to discover a new continent.

Eden: Come on, we could go and maybe we will find breadfruits, some papayas and mung beans, all that.

Cruz: I think we should deduct and discuss the pros and cons seriously before we do anything rash.

Eden: Now, I don't know about you but I'm gonna go swimming. (Runs away)

Cruz: Eden I dare you to go in with your suit off! (Runs after her)

Eden’s voice: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Saturday, 03 August 2013 01:49

Episode 293 - Lobster part 3-4

Episode 293 - Lobster part 3-4

Part 3


Eden: I feel like I’m covered in butter.

Cruz: You are. You want me to do something about that?

Eden: Why don't you? I dare you?

Cruz: It tastes better on you than it did on lunch.

Eden: Don’t stop.

Cruz: I better save room for dessert.

Eden: Dessert?

Cruz: Yeah, dessert. Let’s start something like this…

Part 4


Eden: Look at all those stars…

Cruz: Yeah…The sky always looks bigger when you’re on the water.

Eden: I guess that’s the experienced lobster fisherman talking, eh?

Cruz: Hey, I live on a boat, don't I? I'm an old salt from way back.

Eden: Look at the constellation there…see that one…that is close down.

Cruz: That’s Orion. That’s the hunter.

Eden: Cruz-the-hunter.

Cruz: You got that right.

Eden: Now what’s that one there? That red one?

Cruz: Sirius. That’s the …that’s the brightest star we can see from Earth.

Eden: Can we make that ours?

Cruz: I don’t see why not, darling. It’s perfect for us because it’s really two stars each circling the other.

Eden: I love it. You know, so perfect here…just having to get back to the real world and face responsibilities when we go back and ..mergers, and meetings, and non-stop phone calls at all hours…

Cruz: Listen, darling, when things get too crazy, you know, just …just think about Sirius. Two suns really shining in on each other. No matter what happens down here, darling, those two stars will always be together.

Eden: YeahOh, Cruz


Saturday, 03 August 2013 01:31

Episode 285 - Funny answering machine

Episode 285 - Funny answering machine

Cruz walks into the houseboat

Cruz: Eden?

No answer, he walks over to the answering machine and plays the messages

Eden: Cruz? Are you there? If you’re listening pick up the phone!


Eden: Cruz? Are you mad at me because I had to have a dinner with Jack Lee last night? Look, I couldn’t help it, there're so many business things to iron out that Daddy’s… Why am I pouring my heart out to this thing… Maybe you left for work early, I’ll try you at the precinct house.


Eden: Me again. It’s ten o’clock, you’re not home and you’re not at your desk. You must be seeing another woman?

Cruz: I don’t always work at my desk, Eden!

Eden: Well if you don’t call by 10.30 I’m throwing myself off the nearest bridge!


Eden: All right! This is it! I can’t find a bridge but I’m wearing my waterproof mascara! If you don’t call by eleven I’m throwing myself off the very tall rock.

Cruz: Nobody told me you called, sweetheart!


Eden: One last chance, Cruz! I had to come home and change I can’t drown in these clothes, the colors will run. Call me before it’s too late.


Eden: Good-bye, cruel woooooooorld!.... Now they tell me you’ve called in and said you were stopping home to grab lunch. Obviously, peanut butter is more important to you than I am. Please bury me in the outfit I left in your bathroom....Wait! Is that a shark?!


Cruz: Pity the poor shark! What outfit?

Cruz: Oh, Eden's dress for success outfit. Strange she wanna be burried in this, I always thought it made her look a little....a little chunky. Poor ol' Eden, I'm gonna miss her, though, you know. Thank goodness, I am having an affair with another woman. Of course, when you come to think of it, who needs women? I've got peanut butter!


Episode 196 /197 – Engagement in the clearing

Cruz: I am blown away. How did you manage this?

Eden: Necessity is the mother of invention.

Cruz: So as on a million bucks this cannot come cheap.

Eden: Price is no object when you’re going after a priceless object. How, I asked myself, can I lure a very clever, very popular detective into a lonely clearing in the wood…and I acted accordingly.

Cruz: Eh, you seem to know a lot of appropriate quotations…

Eden: Hours of research.

Cruz: They were fun. You should see me doing Shakespeare but bush over there I was real…you know…I’m sorry I didn’t meet you at the houseboat. I got tied up.

Eden: Never mind. I’m not interested in that anymore. I was really afraid I was gonna lose you in that cave-in. Do you know that I actually prayed for you? I think It was the first time in years I’ve prayed for anyone. God must have thought: “Who is that?” That’s when I realized how much I love you…how much I need you.

Cruz: You don’t know what that means to me. That’s the sweetest music to my ears, baby.

Eden: I decided that I don’t want it to be the way it was anymore. The thought of losing you is much more frightening than the prospect of being with you forever.

Cruz: Does this mean what I hope it means?

Eden: No more questions. We are to have a toast.

Cruz: All right

Cruz: To what?

Eden: To you. To the only real man I know. To the handsomest, the most desirable, to the brightest and the best…I feel so lucky to have you. If I haven’t told you before…telling you now.

Cruz: Thanks!

Eden: You’re welcome

Cruz: But I can’t drink to me!

Eden: Then drink to us! Drink!

Cruz: Wait a minute, there is….something at the bottom of my glass…hope it’s not a worm

Eden: I think there’s only worms in tequila, not champagne. What is it?

Cruz: I don’t know…uh, what do you think it is?

Eden: Good heavens, it looks like an engagement ring, doesn’t it? Why don’t you try it on.

Cruz: I’ll try anything once... It wasn’t meant for me – too small. What about you, lady? Do you wanna take a chance?

Cruz: A Oh! it’s a perfect fit!

Eden: It’s astonishing.

Cruz: You know there’s a question that goes along with the ring like this.

Eden: I know there is. But let me ask it. Will you marry me, Cruz?

Cruz: Are you absolutely sure about this, Eden?

Eden: Don’t be greedy. I’ve just proposed. You can't expect me to be sure too.

Cruz: I just wonder if you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Eden: No. Do you?

Cruz: Not a clue. I know what I’d like it to be though.

Eden: Fantasies, probably

Cruz: Yeah … I guess they’re pretty romantic, my ideas, yeah.

Eden: Tell me what are they?

Cruz: That we’ll be allowed to grow old together…gracefully…with absolute trust and complete honesty…and whatever tears we’ve shared are tears of joy…and we’re always there for each other to lean on…but remain basically independent…that we’ll share lots of laughs and a lot of love...

Eden: That sounds like something.

Cruz: Think we could swing it?

Eden: Not a chance!

Cruz: Don’t be flip! Tell me what you think.

Eden: I wanna be with you. And I’m willing to give whatever it takes…are you?

Cruz: Absolutely. So I guess my answer to your question is “yes”. I’ll marry you. But I’ve got to ask you: will you marry me?

Eden: Yes.

Cruz: I love you, baby.

Eden: I love you more!

Cruz: Come here...

Eden: Cruz…What about the waiter and the musician?

Cruz: Let them find their own girls!


Saturday, 03 August 2013 00:19

Episode 195 - At last, a flash of lucidity

Episode 195 - At last, a flash of lucidity

Eden’s monologue while she’s waiting for Cruz on the houseboat.

Well, this is what life with you’s gonna be like. No, thank you very much! Waiting and wondering where the hell you are...and who you’re with. Well, I hate it. And I’m not gonna do it to myself....

But I am doing it to myself. If I’d said “yes” I’d marry you, I wouldn’t have to wonder. I know you’d be coming home to me. Isn’t it all I want? I’ve always wanted – somebody to be sure of.... This is how he feels when I... I’m the one I can’t be sure of. In the meantime I could lose him…to someone else or to nothing at all.

Well I won’t. I refuse. That’s what I want. And I’m gonna get it! And He’s gonna like it. And so am I. Why can’t I - just like other people? Watch out, Castillo! You’ve asked for it. And I’ll be damned if I'm to lose you now.

Episode 177 - Hot stuff on the roof : Blackout PART 2


On the roof of the Capwell hotel.

Eden: It’s not about being good, it’s about being great!

Cruz: Hey, I know, I know. I didn’t mean that.

Eden: I wanna be great. I don’t wanna be good.

Cruz: What are you talking about? You’re the best!

Eden: No, I’m not! Eden Capwell has to prove herself.

Cruz: Yeah…you want it all, don’t you?

Eden: No. I just wanna be respected as a business woman…someone with the head on her shoulders…

Cruz: And a fire in her heart?

Eden: No, that is reserved for one special man.

Cruz: Where can I pick up for an application?

Eden: You know…when I was growing up, Ted and Mason and Channing …they had all the advantages. They knew everything about daddy’s business. They were groomed.

Cruz: So?

Eden: So I was left out of the mainstream in the family.

Cruz: Oh, I don't need to tell 'ya, girls have always been thought up differently.

Eden: Yeah, but we should be treated as equals!

Cruz: You’ve got no argument from me.

Eden: It’s just that…Daddy always wanted me to be married, withhave kids and that was….that was his big thing! I mean when I went to Europe and then I came back I really realized that. All he wants me to do is get married and have six kids and do dishes. And that’s what I knew that I have to prove something to him.

Cruz: That’s why you opened up…you’re gonna open up the uh Orient-Express?

Eden: Yeah. ‘Cause if this works the sky is the limit.

Cruz: And the sky would be Capwell Enterprises?

Eden: I’d like that..

Cruz: I don’t know I think your Dad might be pretty difficult to convince.

Eden: Oh, once this place starts turning profits he’s gonna change his mind!

Cruz: Yeah, But Mr. C. then he will want you to start walking and talking and think like a Capwell executive

Eden: I can handle that.

Cruz: Yeah, but Capwell executives don’t live on houseboats with policemen they are not married to.

Eden: Well…when that comes up I’ll deal with it.

Cruz: It already has come up…remember?

Eden: Are you afraid I’m gonna have to sacrifice you for the business?

Cruz: I think it’s easy to turn a Capwell into a Castillo but not to turn a Castillo into a Capwell.

Eden: It’s got nothing to do with your last name.

Cruz: How many top WASP women executives, do you think, are living in sin with a Mexican policeman?

Eden: I don’t know how many?

Cruz: Oh I don’t know either but I think there are a lot of conflicts between the business and the law in that sense

Eden: And what are you gonna do? Are you gonna give me a parking ticket? Are you gonna report me to the FCC...* or are you gonna do with the other issue?

Cruz: What do you mean, the fact that you gonna get bored stiff about me talking about Santa-Barbara police department after you have come back from some oil cartel conference in Geneva. I don’t speak “Genevaism”, Eden. You'd probably wanna get rid of me after the first trip.

Eden: No way. I don’t want anything to come between us. You are the most important thing in my life.

Cruz: Yeah. But what if you do become the head of Capwell Enterprises? Babe, what, seriously, what if your dream comes true? Will you still want have what we’ve got?

Eden: More than ever.

Сruz: Oh, baby..

Cruz: A blackout! Just what I needed one.

Eden: What?!

Cruz: You know what a blackout means, don’t you?

Eden: No...

Cruz: That means in nine months from now a lot of babies are gonna get born...

Eden: No!


Friday, 02 August 2013 23:49

Episode 169 - Complicated lovers PART 2

Episode 169 - Complicated lovers PART 2


Eden and Cruz in the cinema watching a French movie. Cruz is bored stiff.

Cruz: What’s wrong with these people?

Eden: Nothing. They’re French.

Cruz: What do they keep showing the ceiling for?

Eden: Are you gonna ruin this for me too?

Cruz: What else can I ruin for you? You just brought me here 'cause you want to make me feel stupid…

Eden): Don’t be so childish!

Cruz :… which I think is stupid!

Eden: I would like someone to share my interests, all right, we can’t spend every minute in bed!

A man sitting behind them: Hey! I wish you would.

Eden: I wanna die.

Cruz: Who cares! It's such a popular movie anyway, there must be 10 people here!

Eden: So why don’t you go home and watch cartoons, Barney and Fred should be on about now!

Cruz: Can I ask you something? What am I being punished for? Wouldn't have anything to do with a certain light-hearted moment in a certain hotel lobby, would it? Or is it because you almost said yes until you found out I was kidding. Is that what burns you? Oh, here we go, Eden Capwell - Queen of the zombies, mention commitment and she turns into stone.

Eden: Who's afraid of commitment?

Cruz: You're just like these people on the screen, staring at the stupid ceiling. No wonder you like this stuff.

Eden: You know I don’t think you were kidding at all. To your thought I was gonna say yes.

Cruz: M-m-maybe I’m still not kidding

A woman sitting behind them: Will you two shut up?

Eden and Cruz together: Shut up yourself!

Eden: Rude, pretentious jerk!

Cruz: W-w-would you have…?

Eden: What?

Cruz: …said «yes”?

Eden: Oh no, you are not gonna hide behind a hypothetical question. If you wanna ask me, you need just ask me right out.

Cruz: All right!

Eden: No, if you ask me I’ll slap your face!

Cruz: Oh yeah, that leaves me with a lot of options, doesn't it?

Loud “sssshhhhh” around them. Cruz stands up.

Cruz (to the audience): 'scuse me, art fans! May I ask you a question? Do you think this incredible woman should marry me?

The audience: YES! Incidentally the sooner the better!

Eden runs away.

Cruz: Come on, Eden!


Friday, 02 August 2013 23:31

Episode 0158 - Cruz the Front Man

Episode 0158 - Cruz the Front Man


Eden: Something fresh and different.

Cruz: I don’t know, Eden. You're in the restaurant business…

Eden: What’s so funny about that?

Cruz: I can see you dressed a lot of ways. I can see you undressed a lot of ways too. But I cannot see you in an apron slinging hash.

Eden: I resent that. And I’m gonna prove to you that you’re wrong, but I may need your help.

Cruz: You need my help. for you to prove me wrong?

Eden: Cruz, sweetie, I need to get this organized all right, after all you are getting a piece of the action.

Cruz: And how about a piece of your home-made apple pie with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream on the side? I would settled for that and that would get my attention

Eden: Will you please listen?

Cruz: Look. Do you have any idea how many restaurants go belly-up each year?

Eden: I don't care! We’re gonna make this work!

Cruz: We are? Are we?

Eden: Yes, we are! You are gonna be a front man – from me to daddy. And when you talk to daddy…

Cruz: What do you mean «front man”?

Eden: I mean that you’re gonna go to daddy and ask him to lease us the space on top of the Capwell hotel. It’s gonna be really glamorous!

Cruz: Speaking to your father means many things but has never been glamorous.

Eden: The space airhead, the space! Actually when you talk to daddy, maybe you shouldn’t say anything to him about us working together.

Cruz: You’re serious?

Eden: Yes, I’m serious.

Cruz: Eden, sweetie, I'm not about to start playing those kind of games with your father.

Eden: You have to!

Cruz: Oh! I have to? I didn’t realize that! Oh, of course I’ll do it if I have to, I thought maybe I had an option!

Eden: Don't be sarcastic with me, sit!

Cruz: Oh, of course.

Eden: Please, look at it with an open- mind. What do you think, seriously?

Cruz: It has potential, maybe.

Eden: It’s so difficult getting a kind word out of you…

Cruz: I have learnt not to let my enthusiasms run away off me, all right?

Eden: Ugm.

Cruz: So what would you call it?

Eden: You see this is the fun part. I figured we make it like a train and call it the “Orient Express” in honor of our times together. See how sentimental I am.

Cruz: Why don’t you just call it “Madison Square Garden”, you, little ape, in honor of all our fights, uh-uh-uh-uh?

Eden: I hate when you do that. I want to be elegant! I want to have international cuisine!

Cruz: International cuisine! I better have French Vanilla with my apple pie.

Eden: Please be serious. Think of hiring a nice chef, have an aisle down the center with private compartments. Really beautiful. Murals on the walls so when you’re eating you really feel like you’re in the Orient Express looking out at the countryside. Doesn’t that sound really special?

Cruz: Eden, I’ve gotta be honest with you. I think this whole idea has distinct possibilities, but you gotta do a heap of research before you jump in, running a profitable restaurant, it takes know-how, expertise, that’s not a game for kids!

Eden: I’m not a kid. I’m grown-up. Or haven’t you noticed?

Cruz: Well, I get a hint every now and then

Eden: Ugm. So we’re gonna be business partners… and what?

Cruz: Well…I suppose that’s been the stupidest thing in my life although I can’t think of any one of them right now.

Eden: You know we have a little time before the wedding. What would you say if we consummate our relationship… our partnership… in a restaurant… the “Orient Express”? Remember? Hmm, What do you think?

Cruz: I think I’m being railroaded.


Episode 0139 - In search of Kelly PART 1-2


Eden: Wish Kelly would call.

Cruz: Call about what?

Eden: Well, she said she’d call me to tell me that they got there alright.

Cruz: I hate to break this to you but they’re maybe thinking about something else right now, you know..the first night of the honeymoon and all. Some nights even E.T. doesn’t phone home.

Eden: Well, I’d just feel better if I heard…here you are

Cruz: Don't worry about that, babe, thanks. They're all tucked away safe and sound. You know I set up that joint up in Tahoe for surveillance. I figured since it was in all the papers, if anybody was really looking for Kelly, that's where he'd look. Who knows we might even get lucky and catch him there.

Eden: I hope so.

Cruz: Do you wanna dance?

Eden: No

Cruz: Sure you do.

Eden: No

Cruz: Let me help you. Don’t be too enthusiastic!

Cruz: You’re upset about something. I bet I know what it is. That lady writer. The one that’s been bugging you. The one that is not really a writer at all.

Eden: I don’t wanna talk about that

Cruz: Oh yeah you do.

Eden: Oh really?

Cruz: Yeah! And I wanna hear about it.

Eden: Well, I don’t wanna talk about it so let’s forget it, ok?

Cruz: No. We’re not gonna forget it.

Eden: If we keep on I’m gonna get upset.

Cruz: You’re upset already, Eden. I know you, baby, now tell me.

Eden: No. No!

Cruz: No?

Eden: No!

Cruz: Oh babe…now you’re gonna tell me?

Eden: You know I’ve never trusted a man in my life. I don’t know why I should start now.

Cruz: Well, that’s the way relationships are born.

Eden: Well, I'm not interested in giving birth to relationship. I just want some segments of privacy in my life.

Cruz: You asked me to investigate this Miss Carlisle or whatever she calls herself at the beginning!

Eden: Exactly, and you did exactly what I wanted, I found out what I wanted, and that’s it, ok?

Cruz: Oh, I get it, I get it I’m Cruz-the-circus-dog, right? Fetch, boy, and now roll over and drop it, is that it? No!

Eden: Look, I’m not gonna talk to you about this, alright? So just learn to take the hint.

Cruz: Ok, ok! But you know what'll happen. You won’t tell me – I’ll find that from myself. I’ll use my connections, I’ll have to waste about three hours but in the end I’ll find out everything you used to know about this woman anyway!

Eden: You don’t do that!

Cruz: Ok! I'd much rather hear it from you.

Eden: Why do you have to….continue meddling in things that don’t concern you?

Cruz: When you asked me to get involved it became my concern especially since I see what it’s doing to you. You can’t invite me in one matter and slam the door in my face the next. So talk to me!

Eden: You have to promise not to say anything to anyone.

Cruz: All right!

Eden: Writer…She is a…

Cruz: You can trust me, Eden.

Eden: I know. Her name is Sophia Capwell. She is my mother.

Cruz: Oh…

Eden:Yeah, that’s right.

Cruz: My God!


Episode 115 - The“Unholy Alliance” is born


Eden: Well, I guess "friendship's" out.

Cruz: Apparently so.

Eden: "Acquaintances"?

Cruz: We know each other too well.

Eden: Well, "scratched lovers".

Cruz: Yeah, why bring out past mistakes?

Eden: Well, I can’t find a definition for our relationship, can you?

Cruz: Maybe, "old enemies"?

Eden: Some validity of it.

Cruz: Yeah but it's too angry, we’ve had enough anger.

Eden: Well, there only is one more thing.

Cruz: What’s that – “strangers”?

Eden: "Business partners".

Cruz: That’s close

Eden: No, I like it. If we set up a business for the express interest of finding the emerald and we don’t involve any personal feelings I think it’ll work.

Cruz: Look, you already know how I feel about that emerald.

Eden: I know your official position, I don’t know your personal position, I mean I know you well enough to know that you want it as badly as I do!

Cruz: Not because of the money.

Eden: Because of the adventure. Because of the thrill of the hunt.

Cruz: The idea has a certain appeal to me, I admit it.

Eden: So it’s gonna work. In the logbook we know that the Capwells own the emerald, not the Lockridges.

Cruz: Yeah, because Nathaniel Capwell stole it.

Eden: Yeah, but as they say possession’s 9/10th of the law.

Cruz: As they say….So, say if we found the diary…

Eden: Right! And inside is the hidden map which means we could find the emerald like that.

Cruz: There's a lot of "ifs" in there Eden.

Eden: With the two of us working together, I think we’ll do it.

Cruz: So, what if we did find the rock? I put a lot on the line for this. What’s my cut?

Eden: Well since it is a Capwell stone…let’s say….ten percent of the total value?

Cruz: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Oh, a little low.

Eden: Twelve percent.

Cruz: I drive fifty.  

Eden: You're outta you're mind!

Cruz: No, you're outta you're mind. I’m the one with all the experience which means when this whole thing is over I’m the one who would have taken all the risks and would have made all the decisions.

Eden: Ok. Twenty five percent, that’s my last offer.

Cruz : Im sorry. Did I give you the impression I want the bargain? Forgive me! Fifty percent or forget it.

Eden: Ok. But! In the event that we get an office it will say “Eden Capwell” in very big letters and underneath in little bitty letters it will say “Cruz Castillo”.

Cruz: Hahaha.. well, I don't think we'll need an office "

Eden: But we do need a business name. Every good business has a business name.

Cruz: Yeah, well if you wanna be first in Yellow pages* you have to be "aardvark"** …oh what’s that, what’s that one…ACME! "ACME emerald finders"***, ring a bell?

Eden: I’ve got a better idea.

Cruz: Such as?

Eden: The Unholy Alliance Company****

Cruz: I buy that.

Eden: You like it?

Cruz: Yeah. Wanna shake on it?

Eden: Sure.

Cruz: Hahaha…I’m just kidding.

Eden: You…

Cruz: Sure, come on, just trust me, trust me!


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