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Episode 48 - Rendezvous in the cemetery

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Episode 48 - Rendezvous in the cemetery                           



Cruz: This is the way you do it abroad? a tryst in a graveyard

Eden: This is no tryst, Cruz

Cruz: Your Mother

Eden: I haven't seen her in 6 years, I wanted to be near her

Cruz: Why don't we meet some other time then?

Eden: No, what I need to say to you, needs  to be said right now

Cruz: So, go ahead

Eden: We made each other a promise

Cruz: Which one was that?

Eden: Specifically....That we wouldn't see each other, so that no one from the past, could us into the present

Cruz: We've stayed clear of each other for a long time, Eden

Eden: Oh no, not long enough Cruz...Why are you in Santa Barbara?

Cruz: Because it's my home

Eden: You left it

Cruz: So did you

Eden: My family's here, they've always been here

Cruz: My heart's  here, what can I tell ya?

Eden: You need to leave it, cause this is my territory

Cruz: Oh yeah, for how long? couple of weeks maybe, couple of months and then you disappear again

Eden: No, I'm here for good

Cruz: Forgive me if I take that with a grain of salt

Eden: You can take it anyway you like it, Cruz

Cruz: I have no intention of getting in your way, Eden..Though I admit Santa Barbara, is a little smaller than Africa was

Eden: Shut up, Cruz

Cruz: I don't think it was such a good idea for us to meet alone again like this

Eden: Don't do that..you don't ever do that again

Cruz: I'm sorry, I lost my head...of couse  this is a good place to be if you're gonna lose it, right? A cemetery

Eden: Your jokes were always as bad as your taste

Cruz: My taste ain't that bad, I picked you once

Eden: I said what I needed to say to you

Cruz: So I'm dismissed?...Can I give you a lift?

Eden: No, thank you

Cruz: You like it out here alone?

Eden: Goodbye, Cruz

Cruz: So long, Eden


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