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Episode 55 - Good Morning, Sheriff

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Episode 55 - Good Morning, Sheriff


Doorbell rings.  Eden goes to open the door to find Cruz standing there.  No words.  They just look at each other for a moment.  Cruz takes the liberty of entering… saying..


Cruz: Mornin' sheriff.

 Eden: Keeps getting worse.

 Cruz: What’s that?

 Eden: Is there a reason why you’re here? Or are you just slumming, Cruz?

 Cruz: If it’s not too much trouble I’d like to talk to Mr. C.

 Eden: Impossible.

 Cruz: What are you screening visitors now? That’s your new function around here?

 Eden: Mmm.  Daddy’s out, we don’t know where he is.

 Cruz: That’s too bad. It’s kinda important.

 Eden: Well, you can tell me.

 Cruz: I don’t think so.

 Eden: Same old Cruz.

 Cruz: What did you expect?

 Eden: Never to see you again.  (she pauses for a while). So you still haven’t told me why you’re in Santa Barbara, Cruz.

 Cruz: I just couldn’t find a margarita that matched the ones down at the La Mesa.

 Eden: Another secret assignment, that’s it?.  Gee, what was the code name for the last one?.. umm...

 Cruz: Knock it off, lady.

 Eden: How I’d love to blow your cover.

 Cruz: Consider yourself warned in advance.  This is something very big.

 Eden: I bet you say that to all the girls.

 Cruz: I’m not joking with you, Eden.  You don’t mention to anyone what you know about my work.

 Eden: Oh well, I guess I’d need to know wouldn’t I, Cruz, what’s at stake first? After all if it’s just your life, I don't--

 Cruz: One word to anybody and it’s your life too, kid.  Remember that.


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