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Episode 56 - First visit on the houseboat, first meet on the beach PART 1

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Episode 56 - First visit on the houseboat, first meet on the beach PART 1            


Cruz – What are you doing here?

 Eden - How could I stay away Cruz? I wanted to see where the big international spy keeps all his secret equipment. Lets see, is there some over here? Maybe in this drawer? secret phone, hmm Cruz? Can I check the closet?

 Cruz - Would you lay off?!

 Eden - Why? You afraid I’m gonna find out something I already know. Would you you let go of my hands please?

 Cruz – my pleasure

 Eden –  You don’t have to be so agreeable

 Cruz – I don’t think you ought to be here

 Eden - Why not?

 Cruz - People might begin to suspect there’s a connection between the two of us

 Eden - There is a connection, you work for my father.

 Cruz - Your father is not you, I mean it Eden, if we’re not very careful someone could get hurt.

 Eden – I know, in fact if I hadn’t pushed myself into one of your projects in Europe you’d be dead right now. You didn’t even send me a thank you note.

 Cruz – I’ll thank you now, to stay out of my way, and I’ll stay outta yours, that way we might live to tell about it

 Eden - Well if that’s the kind of agreement you want, that’s fine Cruz, only you have to do me a favor.

 Cruz - Such as?

 Eden - Such as, I want to know about any oil potential in the channel for my father’s business that you’d find, before anyone else, that means Mason and my father.

 Cruz – Ha, I don’t believe you

 Eden - I’m not joking, I mean it, this is very important to me

 Cruz – why?

 Eden - It’ll give me the edge I need at Capwell Enterprises

 Cruz - The executive suite, is that where it’s at for you now?

 Eden – It’s where it’s going to be

 Cruz- And what if I decline? What if I got better things to do than come running to you every time I find something?

 Eden - Yeah well I guess I’ll just have to retaliate won’t I Cruz?

 Cruz – Oooh you can be so mean… but of course that’s no big surprise anymore is it?

 Eden - I’ll blow your cover, I’ll pull everything out from underneath you…so everyone can see

 Cruz - You’re trying to scare me Eden?

 Eden - I’m trying

 Cruz - I feel like an elephant, being choose- off by a fly

 Eden - Well I can see you’re not convinced, why don’t you think about it and get back to me. I’m going to the beach, you wanna talk about this, come find me, you know where I’ll be.


Last Updated on Monday 08 July 2013

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