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Episode 56 - First visit on the houseboat, first meet on the beach PART 2

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Episode 56 - First visit on the houseboat, first meet on the beach PART 2            



Eden – whoever you are, you’re in my sun

Cruz – yeah I’m probably saving you from skin cancer

 Eden - Oh it’s you

 Cruz- Yeah it’s me

 Eden - Thought you had something more to say to me

 Cruz - I do actually, something you oughta memorize, I’m not about to let you boss me any Eden, if you or anybody else were to try to blow my cover, I’d just find another one, get myself another job, I can survive you know?

 Eden - Oh you can support yourself, congratulations

 Cruz – The thing you gotta remember is, before I got away I’d get even, you got a great family behind ya, that means you got a lot more to loose than I do

 Eden - You’d really do that?

 Cruz - I will if you force me to

 Eden - And how do you think you could turn my family against me?

 Cruz - Where to begin? For one thing, I’d make sure Mr. C found out how you borrowed against your trust fund and proceeded to blow every cent of it; and I’m sure he’d love to hear about the great lengths to which you went to get it back. I think that story alone ought to pretty well shoot down your chances of taking over Capwell Enterprises.

 Eden - I never thought the day would come that you would blackmail me

 Cruz- Yeah well I didn’t start this did I?. I’m just gonna protect my own interests

 Eden - You know I think the problem with you Cruz, you serve way too many masters

 Cruz – why don’t we forget about my problem, I want your assurance that you’re gonna leave things alone

Eden – well seems like we’re at an impasse aren’t we? We hold each other hostage Cruz

 Cruz - Yeah I guess in a way we do.

 Eden - Well I’ll have to think about this and get back to you Cruz. I’ll have to think about it real long and hard, but I’m not gonna make a decision now cause I’m having way too much fun. I’ll get back to you and let you know what I decide

 Cruz - Yeah, fine. You know for what it’s worth Eden, you look real good.




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