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Episode 57 – Eden’s visit about Cruz’s job

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Episode 57 – Eden’s visit about Cruz’s job                           


Cruz and Danny at houseboat, playing around with a soccer ball, doorbell rings, Cruz goes to answer it ~~

 Cruz – Oh! Eden Capwell, how nice to see you.

 Eden - Nice to see you too Cruz, you got company?

 Cruz – yeah

 Eden - Little Danny Andrade?

 Danny – Eden!

 Eden – Yes. How are you?

 Danny – Wow!

 Eden – Hahe

 Danny - You look terrific

 Eden - So do you, what are you doing? What are you doing?

 Danny - Oh uh, Cruz is teaching me the ins and outs of soccer, he’s a real slave driver

 Eden - Yeah I know, fits with what I know about him

 Danny - I think I’ll go down to the park and practice on the soccer field

 Cruz – No hey, I wanted to show you another move

 Danny - Oh come on, this one’s gonna take me all day to learn. It was really nice seeing you Eden.

 Eden – Bye Danny

 Cruz – well, long time no see

 Eden - Like to have a little chat with you

 Cruz – Coffee?

 Eden - No, thanks. I’ve been doing some poking around at Capwell Enterprises

 Cruz - Yeah I thought you were planning on doing that

 Eden - Seems you’ve been real important to this business

 Cruz - I do a little work over there

 Eden - Handle the oil rigs, exploration of the channel islands right?

 Cruz - You bet

 Eden - My dad doesn’t know you have another job, that you’re double dealing

 Cruz - Why should he?

 Eden - He’s depending on you…a lot

 Cruz – I’m a real dependable kind of a guy

 Eden - I’m warning you Cruz, you don’t let him down, you can let me down all you want, but you don’t let him down. I don’t know what this is, this uh, little project of yours that’s a little bit more interesting than Capwell Enterprises, more important

 Cruz – Hey nothings more important to me than Capwell Enterprises, I got Capwell in my brain. Last night, I had this dream that this beautiful goddess came out of a blue light and let her long blond hair reign all over my body, then boom! I woke up pie eyed cause I realized she was a Capwell

 Eden – It’s too bad you don’t have more than dreams in your twin bed Cruz

 Cruz - Your old man’s a great guy, he gets nothing but my best, that’s all you need to know, it’s all anybody else needs to know too, whatever you imagine about my other hobbies, stays between me and you

 Eden - Damn right. You’re still at it?

 Cruz- uh bird watching, stamp collecting, a little ham radio I admit, but nobody else knows about that side of my life Eden and I’m depending on you to keep it that way

 Eden - Look all I’m interested in is Capwell Enterprises. When I’m in the Executive suite, you can hand me your reports first hand, no more of these little houseboat visits

 Cruz- Oh no no no, you see I report directly to Mr. C, that’s part of the agreement, end of discussion.

 Eden - Yeah we’ll see about that

 (Eden gets up to leave)

 Eden – still have that shrapnel in your head?

 Cruz - Yeah, it’s funny too, it only throbs when you’re around. Wanna feel it?

 Eden – I wouldn’t dream of touching it. See you….




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