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Episode 67 - Kelly disappeared, Kelly found - Parts 1-2

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Episode 67 - Kelly disappeared, Kelly found - Parts 1-2




 ----------------------------------------PART 1-------------------------------------------


Eden: You know it seems like, with all your connections you oughta be able to do something to help us find Kelly.

 Cruz: I wish I could.

 Eden: I'll never understand you, Cruz.

 Cruz: What's to understand, Eden?

 Eden: I always thought of you as so powerful, all those big secrets of yours, planes, ships, equipment, yet here you stand with all the rest of us, just as powerless.

 Cruz: Well, there are situations when power doesn't mean a thing, even your father seems pretty helpless right now, doesn't he?

 Eden: Yeah  Well, I guess I shouldn't be disappointed, you've never been there when I needed you.

 Cruz: You think that doesn't go both ways.

 Eden: When have you ever needed me.

 Cruz: If you try real hard, you might remember a few occasions, least I remember them.

 Eden: I didn't mean that, don't try to twist my words to make it be something you wanna hear. I don't think you've ever needed anyone.

 Cruz: You know, I just find it difficult to show my needs, it's been a problem with my personality for a while now. It's not something you're particularly good at either. We both have a lot of pride, don't we?

 Eden: I wish we'd hear something about Kelly. Mason hasn't called, Ted and I are absolutely  going out of our mind waiting for him.

 Cruz: Where is Ted?

 Eden: He's with Laken. I think she's more comfort to him then I could be now. Don't you talk to me about needs, personality problems, not when my sister's missing.

 Cruz: Eden believe me, if there was anything I could do I...

 Eden: I can't accept that, you're not doing anything...why don't you call? Why don't you do something? Help me find my sister.




-----------------------------------------------------PART 2----------------------------------------------


 Mason on a two way radio

  Caller: This is Chopper one, we've got the car spotted, now it's  on Santa Barbara street turning on to Koda, over.

 Mason: Chopper one, I'm gonna give instructions for all available police units to move into that vicinity....

 Eden: You have a lot of nerve coming here, why don't you just stay away?

 Cruz: Eden, don't start with me.

Eden: Hey look, you can't just keep running in and out of here like it's some sideshow that's gonna amuse you.

 Cruz: Will you shut up for a minute here, I wanna hear what's going on.

 Eden: Hey look as far as i'm concerned it's none of your business.

 Caller: Have you spotted the other car? Over,

 Mason: No, we've lost contact with the car since he switched, but as long as you have a clear sighting of it, it's all we need, let me know the minute he stops, over.

 Caller: Roger, this is chopper one , out.


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