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Episode 69a – Kelly disappeared, Kelly found part 3-4

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Episode 69 – Kelly disappeared, Kelly found part 3-4                     


                -----------------------------------------------PART 3------------------------------------------------------------


Cruz: Give yourself a few minutes, just to take it easy

 Peter: I'm alright

 Eden: Peter, umm, I wanna thank you for what you did for my sister...there aren't many true hero's in the world and I think what you did was really wonderful.


------------------------------------------------PART 4------------------------------------------------------------



At hospital, Peter flint walks away…


Cruz – what’d you say to offend him?

 Eden – Nothing. He’s under a lot of stress that’s all

 Cruz – Maybe you should let him relax and quit bending his ear so much

 Eden – He saved my sisters life

 Cruz – That’s right, and he’s your sister’s fiancee

 Eden – Ex fiancee. ….. But for the record, I’d like to see the two of them get back together

 Cruz – yeah right, but just in case they don’t?

 Eden - You’re impossible

 Cruz - No no, I, I’m possible. Your father asked me to take you home

 Eden – he did?

 Cruz - Yeah he wants all his daughters present and accounted for

 Eden - Hmm, yeah well I guess he’s kinda outta luck with Kelly. Me? Well, I don’t think I’m ready to go so why don’t you go along and I’ll make sure I get a ride

 Cruz - Look lets make a deal, lets stop running games on each other like we just graduated from high school, lets start acting like grown ups, it’ll be a new experience

Eden - Hey I’m 100% mature

 Cruz - Mature? Oh isn’t that the stuff they spread on the fields to make the rice grow better?

 Eden - That’s funny. Why don’t you go ahead, I’ll find a ride.

 Cruz - Yeah I know you can find a ride but you don’t need to since I already came all the way back down here to give you one

 Eden – great, this is wonderful, we’ve made great progress haven’t we? Here, we can argue in public and people don’t think a thing about it, I wonder what they’ll think it is huh Cruz? New found hostility?, or actually the truth, that we’ve actually been arguing for THREE years

 Cruz- At this particular moment I don’t give a damn what the people around here think. But maybe you do right? Uh, you worried about what Peter might think, is that it?

 Eden - Give it up Cruz please

 Cruz- If I didn’t know you better, I might really believe you’re flirting with Kelly’s fian…ex fiancee as you put it

 Eden - Well I guess it’s obvious that you don’t know me very well, because I was flirting with him

 Cruz - You are unbelievably adept at making your life and everyone else's much more difficult than it need be

 Eden - And you Cruz? you always have been and still are, an extremely jealous man



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