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Episode 69b - The first time I saw you - Part 1 and 2

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Episode 69 - The first time I saw you - Part 1 and 2          


                ***********************Part 1********************



Cruz: Where are you, Eden?

 Eden: To be honest with you? I was just thinking about the first time I saw you.

 Cruz: Really? How nice.

Eden: You were pouring sweat, if I recall right.

 Cruz: Rippling muscles, all tanned.

 Eden: I remember thinking you were trouble from the first minute I laid eyes on you.

 Cruz: Yeah, I had you pegged from the start too, sweetheart. Spoilt and snooty.

 Eden: Do you remember the first time we met?

 Cruz: No, I don’t think I do.

 Eden: It was a Saturday. I remember thinking it was strange that a gardener should be working on Saturday. But then you were no ordinary gardener, were you, Cruz?




Eden: You must be Pepe.

 Cruz: Heh. So?

 Eden: Monsieur Emillion was telling me that you’re good with horses...and trees.... natural things.

 Cruz: Now, that’s why he’s a rich man. He's good judgement.

 Eden: It’s hot out here.

 Cruz: Verdad. Horses like women, act bad in the warm weather.

 Eden: They’re the same.

 Cruz: What are?

 Eden: Women. And horses.

 Cruz: No, a little different, one has two legs one has four. The one with four is the... the more advanced form of the species. They're much more preferable company sometimes, do I tell you.

 Eden: That’s sweet.

 Cruz: Well, I like to tell the truth, not too much fluff about it. Some people find it refreshing, some people can't take it.

 Eden: Would you like something to drink? Some lemonade?

 Cruz: No. Maybe you should offer some to him, though.

 Eden: Maybe I will next time. Sorry to bother you.

 Cruz: No bother. Just don't have a lot of time to talk to rich girls who don't have nothin' better to do than make lemonade.

 Eden: You know you may know a lot about horses, but you know nothing about civility or manners, do you?

 Cruz: Nobody’s perfect.


----------------------------------End of Flashback----------------------------------


Cruz: That’s not the first time you saw me and you know it.

 Eden: What do you mean?

 Cruz: I noticed you watching me from your bedroom window several times before that.

 Eden: I did not!

 Cruz: Yes, you did. What are you telling me? You thought I didn’t notice?

 Eden: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

 Cruz: You don't?

 Eden: Nuh-uh, absolutely not.

 Cruz: You don’t have to feel worried about it, I watched you too.

 Eden: What?

 Cruz: At night…you used to turn the light on and pulled down the shade…half-way…and then you’d undress…

 Eden: You watched me?

 Cruz: You bet I watched. Especially since you planned it.

 Eden: Don’t be absurd.

 Cruz: I liked what I saw, too. Especially on those hot nights when you wouldn’t even bother to wear a nightgown.

 Eden: You should've been arrested.

 Cruz: Yeah, I was.

 Eden: What?

 Cruz: I was stopped dead in my tracks, I couldn't move. I used to beg for you to turn the light off so I could… regain some of my composure.

 Eden: Maybe we should get something straight right now, Cruz.

 Cruz: What’s that?

 Eden: That if you ever did that again, I’d put your eyes out.



*************Part 2******************



Eden: I have a question.

 Cruz: What?

 Eden: Why did you call yourself Pepe in France?

 Cruz: I had my reasons.

 Eden: No one believed you were Pepe.

 Cruz: They believed it.

 Eden: No, they didn't. Pepe would never had a mean streak in him. You didn't look like a Pepe.

 Cruz: Oh, come on, Eden ...as in garden of....

 Eden: Oh no, please, just wanted to know why you were called Pepe.

 Cruz: You really wanna pin me down on this.

 Eden: Only in a matter of speaking.

 Cruz: You're sure about that?

 Eden: Quite.

 Cruz: Too bad. Well, sweet dreams.

 Eden: You're dumping me off?

 Cruz: Trying to, yeah.

 Eden: It's rude.

 Cruz: What's rude about it? You got home, didn't you? Nothing happened.

 Eden: Not yet.

 Cruz: You’re looking for trouble?

 Eden: Me?

 Cruz: Yeah, you. That summer you couldn't get enough of it.

Eden: That wasn't my fault.

 Cruz: You'd like to think that, huh?

 Eden: I know it.

 Cruz: Eden?

 Eden: What?

 Cruz: If this is the best we can do, maybe we really shouldn't see each other.


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