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Episode 72 – Cruz is panicky

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Episode 72 – Cruz is panicky                      



Cruz – All dressed up with no place to go?

 Eden – hardly

 Cruz – All dressed up with some place to go

 Eden – You got it

 Cruz – And someone to go with?

 Eden – You here on business or uh just hanging out?

 Cruz – Actually I’m here to talk to your daddy

 Eden – Mm, just hanging out

 Cruz – Well I guess if warning him about the possible loss of several major off shore oil rigs is hanging out, then that’s what I’m doing

 Eden – guess you don’t do anything that’s not uh urgently important or of world import, do you Cruz?

 Cruz – not if can avoid it

 Eden - Want something to drink?, or uh, not during business hours

 Cruz - I could stand a Bourbon

 Eden - You got it. Rocks?

 Cruz – Neat, please

 Eden - Oh, that’s right, I remember. So, did you pay a lot a money to get that look you have on?

 Cruz- Not as much as you did, but then, I’m not as desperate

 Eden – Oh… touché

 Cruz -Where you going?

 Eden - Out

 Cruz - Don’t you think you’ve said too much?

 Eden - Maybe I have. You know you really ought to clean up your act Cruz

 Cruz - Think so?

 Eden - Know so

 Cruz -What should I do?

 Eden – Oh….. get out of double dealing if you want

 Cruz - That’s not how you really feel.

 Eden - Yes it is

 Cruz - I don’t think so, that’s how you think you oughta feel

 Eden - You’re wrong

 Cruz- Doubt it. You were protesting the whole time we were on the Orient Express together, but deep inside you were really enjoying every minute of it weren’t ya?

 Eden - Actually I seem to have a memory lapse about that trip

 Cruz - How convenient

 Eden - Yes it is

 CC – Cruz, I apologize, I was on an overseas phone call.

 Cruz - That’s ok Mr. C, your uh lovely daughter has been entertaining me

 CC – good. Is there a problem?

 Cruz- No real problem yet, I think we need to see to it that we avoid one, I’m asking for an immediate upgrading of the shutoff valves on each of the rigs

 CC - You feel we need the latest of everything?

 Cruz - I think right now we do. It’ll afford us much better security in case of an emergency

 CC - I assume that you’ve had a discussion with your University Professor?

 Cruz – yes I have

 CC - And did he verify the seismological data that you’ve collected?

 Cruz - He said, and I quote, the chances of California experiencing a major earthquake in the next decade, are 1 in 20, but I think in his heart he’s as scared of this new data as I am

 CC- Mm, well, upgrading that much equipment is an enormous undertaking, but I think that your concern about the possibility of an earthquake justifies it

 Eden – Ah daddy, don’t listen to him, Cruz is panicking





Last Updated on Monday, 8 July 2013

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