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Episode 73 – Before the earthquake

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Episode 73 – Before the earthquake      


Eden – Plotting the overthrow of some South American dictatorship?

 Cruz – haha...well aren’t we up early? I woulda thought a lady of leisure would sleep till noon

 Eden - Having never been a lady of leisure, I wouldn’t know

 Cruz – That’s right I forgot you’re a business exec now, what’s that? Plans to take over a multi-national corporation?

 Eden – That’s next week

 Cruz – What’s this week?

 Eden - Oh, plans to take over our newly acquired beach front property

 Cruz - Ah, that’s what I’ve always liked about you Eden

 Eden - What’s that?

 Cruz - Your fine sense of opportunism

 Eden - It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it

 Cruz- What are you gonna do? Uh put some condos on it or uh, disco?

 Eden - Actually I have some good ideas for it, I’m meeting with the architects and the coastal commissioner

 Cruz - Well whatever you build, you better make it earthquake proof

 Eden - you’re not on that kick again are you?

 Cruz - Actually I’m quite serious. But then what do I know right?

 Eden – Right

 Cruz - You’re the only person in this town who knows about my past, just like I know about yours

 Eden - Is that another threat?

 Cruz - I would think, that after what we’ve been through together you might trust me. You’ve seen me work, you know the kind of pressures I’ve had to deal with, the chances I’ve had to take, I wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t learned to listen to my instincts

 Eden - Your instincts have been good. On occasion

 Cruz - Then trust em

 Eden - Only on occasion

 Cruz - Maybe this is one of those occasions

 Eden - What’s your point Cruz?

Cruz - I think there’s gonna be one hell of an earthquake here, soon

Eden- did you give this news to the press yet?

 Cruz - I’m not joking Eden!. For once I hope my instincts are wrong

 Eden - Well your instincts might be wrong, I’d bet money on it

 Cruz - And what if they’re not?

Eden - Well what are we gonna do about it?

Cruz - Go some place, go to New York. You told me you wanted to go see Japan, why don’t ya just take your family and get outta California for a little while

 Eden – Well sure, why not? Why don’t we do that, that’s a great idea, why don’t we just stay away for 20 years, then your instincts will have been right, and uh, there would have been a major earthquake

Cruz – ah Eden

 Eden - What?

Cruz - I don’t know why I ever think you’ll listen to me

Eden – maybe it’s your arrogance, or your ego... or both!




Last Updated on Monday, 8 July 2013

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