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Episode 77 - After the earthquake part 1-2

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Episode 77 - After the earthquake part 1-2         




Eden: Excuse me.

Cruz: Eden? Eden I'm so glad...you're alright.

Eden: Yeah, I'm glad you're alright, too. Have you seen anybody in my family? Are they ok?

Cruz: No, I went to the house but just Ruben and Rosa were there. They're fine.

Eden: You know, I think Lionel and Augusta Lockridge are in a lot of trouble.

Cruz: Watch out.

Eden: We're gonna have to...

Cruz: Where are they?




Cruz: You went out there to meet Lionel and Augusta just showed up?

Eden: Yeah, that's right.

Cruz: If you're gonna fool around, why in hell a graveyard?

Eden: Oh Cruz come on, 'cause I'm kinky, alright? Why don't we just drop it.

Cruz: Well, we're gonna keep looking, we'll find 'em.

Eden: Cruz, my mother's grave is out there. You knew this was coming, didn't you? You knew about this earthquake.

Cruz: I had an idea.

Eden: Yeah, well, why didn't you warn us?

Cruz: I, I are you kidding me, I tried...you think of the speech....

Eden: Really? Well ,you didn't do a good enough job, did you?

Cruz: You're gonna blame this on me?

Eden: I wish I could.


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