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Episode 46 - First Presumed Meeting Part 1 and 2

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First Presumed Meeting Part 1+2

1984 - Episdoe 46

---- part 1 ----

Kelly: Someone else for you to meet.This is Cruz Castillo.
Eden: Hello.
Cruz: Hi. Eden, is it?
Eden: Yes, I read all about what you did to contain the oilrig fire. Very impressive.
Cruz: Thanks, I try to do something a little bit impressive everyday.
I Haven't gotten around to jumping out of an airplane yet, though.
CC: Let me get you some champagne.
Eden: Thank you, daddy.
Santana: I am going there, too.
Ted: Well, you missed the opening of the gifts.
Eden: Well, I think I might just prowl through them later on.
Ted: Ok.
Eden: I'd like to talk to you if you have a moment.
Ted: Okay
Eden [to Cruz]: Excuse us.

---- part 2 ----

Cruz: I think its time for me to take off.
This party certainly took a turn for the serious.
Ted: Yeah, sorry it had to happen.
Cruz: Yeah...goodbye, Rosa.
Rosa: Take care Cruz.
Cruz [stretching a hand out to Eden]: Eden it was nice to meet you.
Eden [takes Cruz's hands and shakes it]: You too.
Cruz: I've heard so much about you, it's good to finally see you
in the flesh, so to speak.
Ted [shaking Cruz's hand]: Talk to you later, huh?
Cruz: Yeah. Take care of yourself.

Cruz leaves.
Eden waits a moment until Ted has left as well, then follows Cruz outside.

Eden: Mister Castillo.
Cruz: Yes, Miss Capwell.?
Eden: Why are you still in Santa Barbara? I thought you were gonna
put out your oil fire and go to Europe.
Cruz: Why did you pick this particular time to come for a visit?
Eden: I'm not visiting. I'm planning on staying.
Cruz: I'm sorry to disappoint you, Eden but I'm planning on staying, too.
I like it here just as much as you do.

Without another word, Eden turns around and goes back into the house.

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