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Episode 47- Reunion at the Capwell's about Joe

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Episode 47 - Reunion at the Capwell's about Joe                             



--- part 1---


Rosa: Cruz.

Cruz: Rosa.

Rosa: Come in...Hello again.

Cruz: You look as beautiful as you did when I left.

Rosa: Oh Cruz.

Cruz: I'm looking for Mr C.

Rosa: Oh, he's right in there, go ahead.

Cruz: Thank you.

Eden: Glad you could make it, Cruz.

Cruz: Oh, my pleasure.

Phone rings

Mason: I'll get it.....Hello, yes, what?...Well is that right...Well,  we need Perkins, not Perkins motorcycle...Yeah, get on it.


-------part 2------


 Cruz: Joe has never been into drugs, this is a frame, if there was coke found on his bike, somebody else put it there.

Mason: Oh poor Joe, he's always being blamed for other peoples crimes, murder, narcotics.

Cruz: Man, I've been wondering how far you would go, to get Joe back behind bars and out of your sisters life.

C.C: Cruz, stay out of this business

Cruz: Excuse me, you're my boss on the rig, not here.

Mason: Cruz, why don't you just tell us where he is.

Cruz: I don't have a clue.

Mason: Well, we'll find him soon enough...I'm gonna head down to police headquarters, iIwanna be there when they bring him in.

Cruz: Oh, I bet you do, Mason.

Mason: You know, a warning Cruz, if you do know where Joe is and you're not telling us, you could be in big trouble, too.

Cruz: Thank you for that.

Mason: Just doing my job.

C.C: Mason, I wanna talk to you.


 ----part 3-----


 Cruz: So, the Capwell machine rolls into operation and mows down everything that gets in its path

Eden: Guess, you're part of that machine now too, aren't you, Cruz? On daddy's payroll.

Cruz: Your Father is paying for my expertise, he didn't buy me.

Eden: Joe could be fooling  you, you know.

Cruz: Have you ever believed in anyone, Eden.

Eden: You leave me outta this.

Cruz: You got it, lady.

Eden: Cruz, I still need to talk to you.

Cruz: Talk.

Eden: No, not here.

Cruz: I have a houseboat, I live on it now. It's down the line from the Capwell yacht, feel free to drop in anytime.

Eden: I want you to meet me in half an hour at the cemetery.


------part 4--------


Cruz: Would you care to explain why, you wanna meet me in the cemetery

 Eden: No, I just want you to meet me there in half an hour

Cruz: You may find this hard to believe Eden, but I'm not here just because you summoned me, I actually have something to say to your father

 C.C: Cruz, I'm glad you're still here, I wanna talk to you, privately

 Eden: Well, all of a sudden, I feel like I'm expendable..if you gentlemen will excuse me

 CC: Thank you, Eden

 Eden: See you, Cruz


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