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Food (8)

What Cruz brought for his and Eden’s yacht trip, because he likes a lot of butter with his lobster.

According to Cruz, Eden smells like hot buttered popcorn. (Until he realizes that he left the butter on the stove burning...)


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Eden can't cook very well, but if we can believe her, she can make a pretty good Lasagne.


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Lobster seemed to be a favorite with Eden and Cruz. Having it almost always led to a love scene, sometimes before they even finished eating it. The first on screen time they ate lobster, was on the Capwell yacht. Cruz made up a story of how his uncle had a lobster business and taught him how to catch them. While holding a live lobster over their bed, he tried to convince Eden that he caught it in a trap but she noticed that it was a Maine lobster, not a Pacific Lobster.

 What Matt calls Eden. Matt was a precocious boy that Eden and Cruz helped to find his parents, after the earthquake hits Santa Barbara.


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Cruz's least favorite food.

Most people love to drink it, Eden uses it to revive car batteries.

According to Eden, a peanut butter sandwich is more important to Cruz than she is.