Ripple XRP and western union partnership


Western Union is a globally popular financial service company from which you can pay the money, bills. And directly transfer money to your bank account. There were many types of currencies accepted in Western Union. Firstly, they told if they were to add one more currency to their list, they would prefer cryptocurrency. Technology-wise, it is just one more currency they said.

About the partnership

Recently, they did a partnership with Ripple Labs. They are experimenting with their Xrapid. It is one of the product by Ripple. The experiment done is to check if the blockchain payments can be transferred and managed cheaper as well as faster.

Ripple has been now growing and is ranked as many of the crypto experts as the best currency to invest your money in. This was one of the reasons Ripple labs and Western Union became partners and have been trying to provide the world with a better way to transfer and perform all the blockchain transaction.

Almedia thinks they will be implementing cryptocurrency in their platform as one another option to transact the money. They already have 13 currencies and are all ready to accept cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods if it connects them with the Global platform. They think cryptocurrency is a little far to be implemented in the mainstream media as of now for the acceptance.

Final words

By this people have been getting more trust in cryptocurrency. However, there are still many people believing in the myths fueling blockchain and cryptocurrency. With this increase in the growth of Crypto, various other tech giants such as western union started to accept cryptocurrency. This will surely make a great impact in the cryptocurrency world.

Not only the WU, but there are many other platforms and financial services that have started to look for one or other way to accept cryptocurrencies. Even Samsung pay and Apple pay have the option to pay using crypto. This is totally changing the way people are doing payment in the mainstream media and crypto is pulling itself to the mainstream.