Samsung might launch its own cryptocurrency

Nowadays, there are some companies who are against cryptocurrency while some companies like Samsung are trying to get closer to cryptocurrency by implementing a default crypto wallet in their Galaxy device. Looks like Samsung is in love with the cryptocurrency and thus, they are planning to launch their own cryptocurrency, Samsung Coin.

More about the coin                                                      

Although there is no news from the officials, the report is given by Coindesk Korea. No news I confirmed such as weather is going to be hybrid or it is going to be public or it might also be a combination of both public as well as private blockchain.

Out of every detail, there is one thing that is confirmed. The Samsung coin will be based on Ethereum. It is because Ethereum is one of the most popular platforms for smart contract and using which it is easier to create your own crypto token. Nowadays, most of the companies are using Ethereum for its ability to deploy smart contracts.

The source also mentioned that the company is working on the same project for the past year. There is nothing yet device about the launch or on which direction the Coin will go.

Samsung and crypto

On the latest Samsung Galaxy device, Samsung introduced an in-built crypto wallet for the users which was loved by all the users. Even the users who were not from the United States were asking about the wallet feature and when it was going to be available in their country.

Samsung might be developing their own coin due to the success of the wallet app which they had given in the last device. Although there are no proofs whether it is going to be publicly available or not, whether you can use it everywhere such as to learn Spanish or it will only be available for employees. Many of the people already knew that Samsung would do something as they have just added the wallet in their smartphone and along with that even Samsung Pay has the cryptocurrency integration.