Stellar and Wirex partnership

There are many cryptocurrency partnerships currently going on. Companies are making a contract with one of the cryptocurrency to avail more benefits and provide the same to their users. Wirex just announced their partnership with Stellar. It is a payment processor based in the UK. The announcement was made recently on April 24th.

About Wirex

Wirex is one of the payment companies where the users can spend their cryptocurrency using a dedicated visa card. They have a total of 9 digital tokens which they offer to all of their users. All the Wirex users can now use the XLM account to buy and exchange the top 10 cryptocurrencies. With the use of a wallet, you can complete the transaction whenever you want and wherever you want.

About Stellar

Stellar has one of the most famous tokens called Lumens (XLM) which has the market cap of $2 billion dollars. It is easier to exchange and convert XLM with over 40 million locations available all around the world. You can spend the XLM whenever you want directly using SWIFT and SEPA. The payments are faster and no extra changes are involved.

More about the partnership

If you are thinking about what is the future planning of Wirex with this partnership, then Wirex has planned everything. Wirex is planning to launch 26 stable coins all of them are pegged with fiat currencies not only USD but also EUR, HKD, SGD, and also GBP. This plan is for the easy international transaction and by eliminating the local liquid providers.

Nowadays, most of the payment processors are being in partners with one of the cryptocurrencies. Soon there will be the time when the cryptocurrencies will be accepted everywhere. Even today, the cryptocurrency can be used to buy anything you want not only in online mode but also in offline mode. With the Wirex wallet, you can even order the Spanish food using the XLM coins from wherever you want hassle-free. The charges are being reduced and the security is also improving. Hence, this is one of the best partnerships.