The Benefits of Attending Blockchain Conferences

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and the increasing adoption of blockchain technology, there have been a variety of other industries which have managed to spin off. One such industry is that of the meetings and conferences related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. These can often be quite expensive to attend as either a company or individual. With that thought in mind then, what are the benefits of attending blockchain conferences?


These types of events are of huge importance when it comes to meeting new people in the industry. The value of attending a blockchain based conference is heightened even more since the industry is so new. Whether you are looking for work, passionate about the field, or thinking of running your own project, all can benefit from attending some of the year’s big blockchain events.


With so many new projects launching currently, the levels of competition among them is immense. We often hear about the huge numbers posted by successful ICOs, but, so many go under the radar without reaching their targets. This is why it is so important to attend big events. This will help investors put a face to the project, and help you become more involved in the community. All of these things should result in increased investment for the correct projects.

Establishing Trust

A huge current issue in the sector is trust. There are so many great projects out there, but by the same token, there are a huge number which are not genuine with their intentions. In order for key players within the industry to differentiate between these two things, attending a conference is always a good indicator.

Those who are just out to make a quick buck, more often than not, will not spend the money or time to attend conferences and face questions from investors. If you want your project to achieve its goals, one of the vital things you have to prioritize is to attend some of the major industry related events. This can be to exhibit your project or just get to network, either way, it can be pivotal.