The Foundation of Wiki Token

For the people who are new in the world of cryptocurrency, the term token is used to refer either the cryptocurrency token or it can used to refer another token that is on a different cryptocurrency blockchain.


In the same way, Wiki token is the new and the fastest growing cryptocurrency token, the operation of which is done on Ethereum Platform. The short name used for Wiki tokens is WIKI.

It has been called the fastest growing platform for many reasons. Among many, the first reason is that there is the current supply of over 21,000,000 WIKI. That is something huge as it hasn’t been a long time since WIKI was launched.

WIKI and Crypto University

The token is an essential element to the ecosystem of the famous Crypto University which is, propaganda-free and an unbiased education project that has cryptocurrency under consideration.

The university is letting the students a place to share and access all the information related to crypto. Here, Wiki tokens will play an important role in bringing all these things together. With this, another move is made by Blockchain in the educational system. All the users of the university project will receive a token when they create their own courses. One can enrol in any of the course and for the one who has some knowledge that they want to share, can also create a course in which the other users can enrol and get the education.


The other reason to call it the fastest growing is because it has been listed in and also in the Tokenwallet that goes by the URL of This can be one of the best things for which WIKI is called the fasted growing. Moreover, talking about the pairs, there are various parts available for the Wiki token. Some of them are WIKI/BTC, WIKI/ETH. WIKI/USTD. These are some of the pairs available with Wiki. More pairs are expected to be available soon. This shows the enormous support that other network shows in the view of Wiki Tokens thereby making it more popular.