Using Bitcoin to Travel the World

If you are someone who loves to travel and are quite interested in knowing if cryptocurrencies can help you do that; this article is the answer. There are people who used bitcoin to travel the world and now you can too! Here’s a story of a crypto nomad, Felix Weis, who used bitcoins to travel the world.

Felix Weis, a 30-year old living in Berlin, started his travelling journey using ONLY Bitcoins on January 2015; he has travelled across 27 countries and 50 cities since then.

Below are the 3 rules he adhered to:

  1. No Banks
  2. Use Bitcoin first
  3. Cash only in exchange of Bitcoins


He transferred all of his savings in bitcoins (which he personally advises against in hindsight now) and started his journey. He covered technically advanced countries like Japan, and some countries like Cuba too, which lacked a high-speed internet and was a headache for crypto travelling.

Before travelling to a particular country, he planned for at least a day. He knew exactly where to buy stuff with BitCoin, where to find other bitcoiners, how to get some cash and the other things, but still had a lot of uncertainties which couldn’t be covered and changed from country to country. All of his destinations had a business listed on Coinmap or LocalBitcoins and had some connection to bitcoin community.

His first stop was Prague where he bought Trezor, a hardware device built by SatoshiLabs, to safeguard all his newly bought bitcoins. Also, he covered basics like eating out, lodging and flights using Bitcoins.


To summarise his learnings from the whole bitcoin travel he listed out following to do’s :

  • Store your Bitcoins in hardware wallet like Trezor and create a backup of your private keys
  • Have a smartphone for your daily expenditures by using apps like Coinbase, Copay, etc.
  • List down the businesses which accept Bitcoin like CheapAir, Expedia, CoinMap for things like flights, hotel, eating
  • Network with local BitCoiners
  • Research before you visit a place

And last but not the least always Expect the unexpected and keep a calm head.